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We provide soft, fluffy SPAW towels and have a dryer available for your pets use after hydrotherapy and swimming sessions.  We also have doggie life jackets available in a variety of sizes for your pet and our staff are there to keep your pet safe, calm, and engaged in their session.



Underwater Treadmill

Your pet is sure to enjoy our barrier free underwater treadmill that allows for complete owner interaction and photo opportunities during sessions.  Your pet enters and exits the underwater treadmill safely on leash.  The treadmill moves up to the same level as the floor and is gently and quietly lowered into the water.  A safety barrier gate prevents them from jumping into the pool.


Hydrotherapy in an underwater treadmill provides your pet with many benefits:


  • The bouyancy of the water allows your pet to exercise without stressing their joints.

  • The resistance of the water helps build muscle mass.

  • The movement of the treadmill increases the stance phase of the gait (increased weight bearing) allowing your pet to build muscle mass, increase range of motion, and receive necessary sensory feedback to promote correct gait patterning.  

  • The temperature of the water (approximately 85 degrees) relaxes muscles and painful or arthritic joints.

  • Mental stimulation:  Many of our post operative patients are on restricted exercise programs. Underwater treadmill sessions are a safe and fun way to provide them with appropriate exercise safely.  A tired dog is a happy dog!



Pool with Resistance Jets

Therapy jets provide resistance and are easily adjusted to suit your pets comfort and fitness level.  Our swims incorporate 'swim lessons'  - pool exercises are tailored to target your pets fitness and conditioning goals with breaks to swim laps and have fun!  We have a variety of toys available for them to fetch and carry or you are welcome to bring their favourite toy.

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