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We're Building a Community of Fit Pets and Fun People.....

Please Join Us!

Whether your pet is an active athlete or working animal, recovering from injury or surgery, or senior pet with osteoarthritis, we know that most importantly they are a valuable member of your family that deserves compassionate care, comfort, and optimal mobility.



Safety, Comfort & FUN!

The pet enters and exits the pool safely on leash using our underwater treadmill. The treadmill moves up to the same level as the floor and is gently and quietly lowered into the water.  Your pet uses the underwater treadmill as a dock to rest on between laps.  Therapy jets provide resistance and are easily adjusted to suit the needs of your pet and their comfort and fitness level.  We have a variety of toys available for them to fetch and carry or you are welcome to bring their favourite toy!






Laser therapy works by applying light energy at the cellular level to stimulate the cells and promote healing, increased blood flow and reducing pain. It is non painful and is applied 6 times over a two to three week period. Many patients show almost immediate results. Weekly or monthly maintenance treatments can often reduce the need for medication. This is especially useful in arthritic cats that may not want to swim or do exercises.  Our K-Laser is a Class 4 laser which allows us to provide your pet with time efficient treatments.  



Laser Therapy


Therapeutic Exercises are a key component to the success of veterinary rehabilitation.  In hospital and home exercise programs are designed to meet treatment plan goals including building muscle mass, improving range of motion, proprioception (body awareness), strength, and overall mobility.  Our patients have full access to indoor and outdoor therapeutic exercise areas, a variety of equipment including Toto Fit core strengthening and balance equipment, wobble boards, cavaletties, cones, land treadmills, leg weights, and Rock Tape.  Our covered outdoor porch is a favourite place for pets to practice their new skills and exercises all year long.  We are pleased to provide a variety of therapeutic exercise equipment for clients to borrow to use with their pets at home. 

Other rehabilitation options at The SPAW include class IV k-laser, electrical muscle stimulation, pulsed signal therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, thermotherapy, and cryotherapy.



The SPAW is pleased to have Jolena Kusec, BSc(Agr), REMT, SAMP, CCMP Registered Equine Massage Therapist, Small Animal Massage Practitioner, Certified Chair Massage Professional on our team of Companion Animal Rehabilitation Professionals.  Jolena works with clients to identify restrictions in mobility or range of motion and targets the musculature and tissue to achieve maximum mobility while reducing painful conditions including trigger points and tissue adhesion.  She keeps our athletes in tip top shape to prevent injury and helps our rehabilitation and surgical reduce their pain and improve their mobility.


Massage Therapy


We are pleased to have Dr. Mark Smith, Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon, on The SPAW and Aldergrove Animal Hospital team to educate our clients about surgical options and to provide our patients with comprehensive orthopedic examinations, diagnostics, surgical procedures, and recovery plans that optimize mobility and return to activity or sport.  

Orthopedic Surgery


The SPAW is pleased to have Dr. Susan Calverley of OrthoPets Vancouver on our team.  She accepts referrals for assistive device consultations, castings and fittings and is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist.  Please have your veterinarian refer directly to Dr. Calverley at  Access Orthopets Vancouver's Referral Form HERE.  

Interested in talking about options for your pet?  Jenn has information on wheelchairs, harnesses, boots, and slings.  Book a 15 minute phone call with her to discuss options for your pet.

Assistive Devices
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